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    Vance AFB, OK - In Processing

    Military personnel arriving for in-processing at Vance Air Force Base must check in at the Cherokee Lodge Monday through Friday from 0800-1100. Once checked in, proceed to the The 71st Flying Training Wing Safety is located at 204 Thompson, Ste. 101, Vance AFB, OK 73705, or call (580) 213-7233. Each service member will be provided with an in-processing checklist that must be completed within two weeks of beginning the process. Be sure and bring copies of your orders as well as any medical and dental records to being in-processing. The process may take several days, so be sure and bring enough uniforms to get through the entire in-processing procedure. For more information regarding specific in-processing questions, contact the Training Flight office at Vance Air Force Base at 580-213-7233